links for 2009-04-01

  • 可以下载各种各样的DOS windows启动盘
  • DocBook is a Document Type Definition (DTD) for use with XML (the Extensible Markup Language) and SGML (the Standard Generalized Markup Language). DocBook lets authors in technical groups exchange and reuse technical information. This book contains an introduction to SGML, XML, and the DocBook DTD, plus the complete reference information for DocBook.
  • This book is for people who want to publish DocBook XML files using the DocBook XSL stylesheets. It is a "how to" guide that gets you up and running quickly, and then provides the details you need to gain access to the full power of DocBook. 最新的5.0版本的DocBook的参考书。经典的参考书。
  • The YUI Compressor is a JavaScript compressor which, in addition to removing comments and white-spaces, obfuscates local variables using the smallest possible variable name. This obfuscation is safe, even when using constructs such as 'eval' or 'with' (although the compression is not optimal is those cases) Compared to jsmin, the average savings is around 20%. The YUI Compressor is also able to safely compress CSS files. The decision on which compressor is being used is made on the file extension (js or css)
  • Thunderbird又继续用了一整年,工作,个人和Gmai上的邮件l都用它来收发,Gmail的web界面只有偶尔需要搜索的时候用到,所以gmail最近推出theme的功能对我来说没什么用。以下是我使用的扩展中最常用和认为值得推荐的。
  • 对于一些特殊风格的Wordpress模版,个人有着特别的偏好。比如之前介绍过的Gmail Theme ,就感觉很棒。而现在,我又要隆重推荐另一个特殊风格的模版,该模版名为Woogle Theme,它的主要特色是模仿了Google 搜索结果页面。如果你是Google铁粉的话,相信你会喜欢上这个模版。
  • Gmail的界面设计风格一向以简约为主,而最新版的Gmail设计更是另人耳目一新,个人感觉非常漂亮。如果你也想把你自已的Wordpress Blog打造成这种风格的话,那么机会来了,有人已做了这样一个Wordpress 模版。

    Gmail Theme 采用两栏格式,具备折叠式Widget,在页面前端具备了几项控制台功能链接,比如书写新文章等等。



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