links for 2009-08-08

  • Simple-cdd is a limited, though relatively easy to use tool to create a customized DebianInstaller CD.

    It is a wrapper around debian-cd and mirroring tools used to create a customized DebianInstaller CD image. It takes a list of packages to install, and debconf pre-seeding files to pre-configure the installation. It has some support for multiple profiles and custom post-install scripts for things that can't be configured by debconf preseeding.

  • Pythius is a set of tools to assess the quality of Python code. This is commonly done by applying different code metrics. Simple code metrics are the ratio between comments and code lines, module and function size, etc. python代码格式化 代码美化工具
  • Configuring Vim to conform to the Tcl Style Guide
  • This is a replacement for the tcl indent file that ships with vim.

    Handles line continuations, nested braces and combination of the two. Skips over braces in comments. This should produce indented code that looks "as you'd expect".

  • I asked about heredoc like functionality on c.l.tcl because I did something with heredocs at work. I am not particularly drawn to heredocs but I thought it was cool. Tcl does it without any special mojo:
  • A here document is a special-purpose code block. It uses a form of I/O redirection to feed a command list to an interactive program or a command, such as ftp, cat, or the ex text editor.
  • A here document (also called a here-document, a heredoc, or a here-string) is a way of specifying a string literal in command line shells such as Bash, Windows PowerShell and the Bourne Shell, as well as programming languages such as Perl, PHP, Python and Ruby. It preserves the line breaks and other whitespace (including indentation) in the text. Some languages allow variable interpolation or even code to be evaluated inside of the string.
  • Tcl doesn't provide an heredoc like feature, because all quoting rules require the user to escape all significant characters. This is a need that FB tries to address in Cloverfield with the {data} word modifier (see Cloverfield – Tridekalogue, section Word modifiers, item Raw data). The above example becomes:
  • Please use the following instructions to setup Hotspot Shield on your iPhone. In just four easy steps, your connection will be secured.
  • I started looking for solutions and found a few which I tested during one week. In this article I'll tell you about each and will guide you on setting up the one I think is the most convenient: your own VPN setup running on Ubuntu.
  • 如何在openvpn连接后设置路由
  • 经过以上的设置,本机所有的网络通信都通过隧道进行,这显然不是最合理的。至于如何精细调节,可能就要在iptables或route上下功夫了,不在本文讨论之列。经测试,速度还是可以忍受的,比tor要快得多。 如何在openvpn连接后设置路由


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