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十一月 26, 2009
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  • The StartSSL™ Free (Class 1) certificates are domain or email validated and mostly referred to as the free certificates. Because the checks are performed mostly by electronic means, they require only minimal human intervention from our side. The validations are here to make sure, that the subscriber is the owner of the domain name, resp. email account. You may find additional information on this subject in our CA policy. 提供免费的SSL证书

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十一月 6, 2009
  • Traffic Server 是 Inktomi 的產品之一,是一套高效率的 HTTP cache server,據說在很早前就支援 multi processor (Squid 到現在還是不行),就目前的版本有機會在夠好的機器上跑出 35k reqs/sec。不過,這家公司在 dot-com 泡沫時被 Yahoo! 買下。
  • Google Wave is a new web-based collaboration tool that's notoriously difficult to understand. This guide will help. Here you'll learn how to use Google Wave to get things done with your group. Because Wave is such a new product that's evolving quickly, this guidebook is a work in progress that will update in concert with Wave as it grows and changes. Read more about The Complete Guide to Google Wave. 《Google Wave 完全指南》是一个全面的用户手册,作者:Gina Trapani 与 Adam Pash。这本使用指南你现在可以在网上免费阅读,而在2010年初这本书也将与大家见面。

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十一月 5, 2009

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十一月 4, 2009
  • 通过本文的介绍,读者可以从中了解到如何应用 SSH 端口转发机制来解决日常工作 / 生活中的一些问题。学会在非安全环境下使用端口转发来加密网络应用,保护个人隐私以及重要商业信息。同时也能够用此技术解决工作中一些常见问题,例如解决防火墙及网络应用本身带来的一些限制。
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