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八月 23, 2010
  • Synchronizing the LAN to NTP server is the most common route for most small installations. The NTP protocol is designed as a hierarchy to prevent large numbers (more than 10,000) of clients from accessing the same primary time sources. This hierarchy should be adhered to, and a large number of NTP clients should not be configured to hit a busy single NTP time server. Networks should be designed to minimize the number of computers that interact single busy NTP server. There are 2 different ways to set up an NTP server for a large number of clients:
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  • With synergy, all the computers on your desktop form a single virtual screen. You use the mouse and keyboard of only one of the computers while you use all of the monitors on all of the computers. You tell synergy how many screens you have and their positions relative to one another. Synergy then detects when the mouse moves off the edge of a screen and jumps it instantly to the neighboring screen. The keyboard works normally on each screen; input goes to whichever screen has the cursor.

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八月 12, 2010
  • penProj is a free, open source desktop alternative to Microsoft Project. OpenProj has been downloaded over 1,250,000 times in over 142 countries and has quickly become one of the most popular open source applications. If you are managing a group project we recommend Projects On Demand. If you want a free replacement to commercial desktop software, then OpenProj is perfect. OpenProj is also now included with Star Office in Europe. It's available on Linux, Unix, Mac or Windows, and it's free

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八月 11, 2010
  • 我始终认为最好用的视频转换软件是mencoder,没有之一。mplayer能播放的,mencoder就能转。其实很多Win下视频转换工具就是个mencoder的前端,不然哪来万能转换,不过很多都上了耻辱榜了。在Linux下使用得最多还是mencoder,看手册手写命令,背熟几个常用参数就能无视个中诡异的GUI了,配合一些shell命令爱怎么搞就怎么搞。
  • 本人独立开发成功互联网PtoP电视直播服务软件系统。并且向全世界发布,世界上最领先的PtoP互联网直播电视软件。
    发布点本人个人网站 我用我的软件产品向全世界证明我就是互联网视频技术领域和PtoP技术领域的实际
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八月 9, 2010
  • .epub Reader Software

    Several different software programs either support or plan on supporting the ePub format. The ePub format is an open standard for ebooks by the International Digital Publishing Forum. Since it's an open standard, anyone can make a program to read or create ePub books, and anyone can make an ePub ebook.

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八月 7, 2010
  • [翻譯]Git 與 Mercurial 的分析


    注意:這個分析在 2008 年夏天進行,起因於 Google Code 評估加入分散式版本管理功能


    這份文件總結了 Google Code 在希望加入分散式版本管理功能所做的初步研究,基於普及性,只考慮了兩個分散式版本管理系統: Git 與 Mercurial 。這份文件說明了兩個系統的功能,也提供一個將它整合進 Google Code 所需要進行的工作。

    (tags: git cvs google)

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八月 2, 2010
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