links for 2010-09-21

  • In this article series we will help you provide secure restricted file-transfer services to your users without resorting to FTP. It also covers chroot jail setup instructions to lock down users to their own home directories (allow users to transfer files but not browse the entire Linux / UNIX file system of the server) as well as per user configurations.

一条回应 to “links for 2010-09-21”

  1. DIY Home Security Systems Says:

    Great post, home security is an issue these days. My neighbour just last week got burgled, she is distraught. All our neighbours are now worried as is me.
    Does anyone know what the best security system is? I came across a product called Halo. They provide a starter kit that provides a burglar alarm and monitoring service.

    They say it provides all this;

    * 24/7 monitoring and control
    * Complete home security
    * Live video and recordings from your wireless security camera
    * Care for your elderly relatives and children
    * Remote access via PC and smart phone (i-phone app. available)
    * Real time alerts via SMS, landline, email and even Twitter
    * Multiple contacts to alert neighbours to check your property

    I would appreciate your feedback, good or bad!

    Peter Johansen


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