links for 2011-02-18

  • Delicious to Google Bookmarks

    This tool helps you import your Delicious bookmarks to Google Bookmarks.

  • 最近上火上的利害,我后半辈子都想和龟苓膏一起过了。昨天的软件有同学说只能用20次。那么今天给大家推荐一个好东西——KCNScrew,这是Mac上的注册码查询软件, 每月更新。可是现在也没个官网或者博客,twitter什么的。所以我每次都是上海盗湾去下载。更新日期是每月15号,这里提供最新版的下载地址:
    (tags: mac download)
  • Today the new iteration of Firefox will come out and I want to share a tip with you, how to speed up your Firefox 3.

    I was using nightly builds of Firefox 3 for about half a year and it was quite fun to observe the development – especially the different design decisions in the look and functionality of the Awesomebar, but in such a long time you visit a lot of sites and collect a lot of cookies. Since this information has to be in memory all the time for places to be fast and responsive, I will show you, how to optimize your Firefox database.



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