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  • Graphics conversion tools

    bmeps and bmeps GUI
    Convert PNG/JPEG/NetPBM/TIFF to EPS/PDF.

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  • G:RSS-Web is an HTML port of our Google Reader for Windows Phone 7 optimized for the Nook and Kindle 1/2/3. Features include:

    * All standard desktop reader features such as Starring, Marking Read/Unread Articles and Feeds, Labels, etc
    * Secure OAuth Login with (Credentials are not stored anywhere)
    * Customize the number of articles per page
    * Selection to display all or just unread articles
    * Option to display teasers in the article listing screens
    * Sort by newest or oldest
    * Nook: Control placement optimized for the built-in LCD
    * Nook: Menu navigation mirrors existing Nook interface
    * Kindle 3: Hotkey support using the Kindle’s keyboard

    G:RSS-Web can be found by directing your eReader of choice to:

  • 将图像文件(包括TIFF、JPG、PNG、GIF、BMP、JPEG 2000)合并、转换成PDF文件的软件:

    1. 对有损/无损压缩的JPEG 2000、有损压缩的JPG文件及采用JPEG/OJPEG算法压缩的TIFF文件,直接将原始数据流嵌入PDF文件,避免因为重新压缩而造成图像质量下降;对无损压缩的图像文件,黑白图像解码后压缩为JBig2(有损或无损)或CCITT G4,其它解码后压缩成ZIP数据流嵌入PDF文件。
    2. 支持多页TIFF和多帧(动画)GIF,每页或每帧算一幅图像。
    3. 可以指定生成的PDF文件的页面大小(除A4、B5等,还支持国内常用的32开、16开、大32开)及页边距。如果不指定页面的纸张大小,可以指定页面的固定宽度(长度随图像大小伸缩),避免连续阅读时因为页面宽度变来变去而影响阅读。
    4. 支持通过接口自动生成多级书签、分段页码、添加文本页、设置PDF的Document Properties。
    5. 接口文件可以用于新生成的PDF,也可以用于已有的PDF,包括往已有的PDF上加书签、从PDF取书签等。
    6. 软件基于开源代码实现,运行时不需要任何第三方软件或控件的支持。当然如果要浏览制作出来的PDF文件,必须安装Adobe PDF Reader等PDF阅读软件。

    (tags: kindle pdf png)
  • In May 2010 I merged several formerly separated projects into the dktools project.
    I hope this results in easier maintenance for me and in easier installation for the users to have the formerly “dklibs'', “bmeps'', “fig2vect'', “jlayout'', “genau'', “dktools'', “fchksum'', “tcptool'', “hostsadm'', “fsnmp'', “yanolc'' and “prqd'' projects in one package now.
    (tags: kindle pdf png)
  • This program converts PDF documents such as articles, and technical papers into a GIF sequence so as to be readable on a small screen of e-book devices.
    (tags: kindle pdf)
  • 这两天又研究了一下在Kindle 3下看PDF的方法——主要是想把电脑里一堆扫描的PDF解决掉。

    1,如果PDF本身是文字转的,或者扫描很清晰的话,可以用Adobe Acrobat裁白边再转成6寸格式,到Kindle上直接横屏看。竖屏肯定是不行的,字体太小。但是用Adobe Acrobat直接转6寸有一个缺点,字的颜色会变得很浅,所以对原PDF质量要求很高。

    (tags: kindle pdf)
  • (tags: kindle pdf)
  • Hi, I've taken some of the ideas of existing tools along with a few refinements of my own to code this one up. I've attached a few sample conversions to get an idea of what the tool can do.

    The refinements are –runpages (which causes adjacent pdf pages to be spliced into the same image if possible) and –smartcut (which avoids the annoying splits at the edge of the image) Another feature is that landscape mode (which is the default) rotates the image but doesn't actually use the Reader's landscape mode.

    f_l.lrf outputs the page that can be viewed by rotating the reader (-rs)
    f_p.lrf outputs the page in portrait mode (-prs)
    f_po.lrf outputs the page without runpages and smartcut (-p)
    g_2col.lrf sample of two column mode (-vrs)
    comicl.pdf comicp.pdf strips in landscape and portrait mode (uses –nosplitpage -rs)

    (tags: kindle pdf)
  • dflrf
    (tags: kindle)
  • 软件可以将图像文件(包括TIFF、JPG、PNG、GIF、BMP、JPEG 2000)合并、转换成PDF文件的软件:

    对有损/无损压缩的JPEG 2000、有损压缩的JPG文件及采用JPEG/OJPEG算法压缩的TIFF文件,直接将原始数据流嵌入PDF文件,避免因为重新压缩而造成图像质量下降;对无损压缩的图像文件,黑白图像解码后压缩为JBig2(有损或无损)或CCITT G4,其它解码后压缩成ZIP数据流嵌入PDF文件。

    (tags: kindle)
  • 试过不少方法, 好像都很麻烦 , 要切边, 干吗的, 后来想了想, 干脆将pdf转化为chm文件。
    首先, 将pdf文件转换为word文档(之前试过不少直接将pdf转换为chm的, 可惜中间转换成htm的时候大多有乱码, 没办法看), 然后将word文档转换为chm文件
    我转了几个,感觉效果还可以, 而且简单易行。 下面是这两个转换文件的名称, 大家直接到网上搜索一下吧,
    Solid Converter PDF (将pdf转换为word)
    (tags: kindle)
  • (tags: kindle pdf)


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