links for 2011-04-08

  • 通过以上步骤基本上将sshd服务设置上可能出现的漏洞堵上了,不需要投资,只要我们稍微花点时间调整一下配置,就可极大提高系统的安全环境,何乐而不为 呢?
  • 功能: 实现root之外的用户只能登录一个ssh
    使用方法: 用root权限在后台(比如screen里)运行这个脚本
  • SS5 is a socks server that implements the SOCKS v4 and v5 protocol. As a proxy server, SS5 authenticates, profiles and processes network requests for clients. It establishes connections to application hosts for client applications. When the client attempts to access the network, the client connects to the SS5 daemon instead of the application host.

    Following authentication, clients request that SS5 perform network activities for the client. The activities might include:

    Udp Associate

    The SS5 protocol is independent of application protocols, and can assist with different networking services, including telnet, ftp, finger, whois, gopher, and WWW access.



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